List of Figures

  1. A computational architecture for Constraint Propagation
  2. A search tree. Diamonds represent solved spaces and boxes represent failed spaces.
  3. A search tree containing 3 choice nodes, 1 failure node, and 3 solution nodes.
  4. The search tree explored by smm
  5. The Explorer with the compact search tree of smm.
  6. The Explorer with the full search tree of smm
  7. The Inspector showing the solution of smm
  8. The Inspector showing the result at the first choice node
  9. Search-tree of the Safe Puzzle
  10. Solution of the Safe Puzzle
  11. A solution to the Queens Problem
  12. Branching with set constraints
  13. Search tree of the Steiner Problem
  14. Search tree of the optimized Script for the Steiner Problem

Andreas Rossberg 2006-08-28