There aren't that many books that teach C++. You can find good C++ reference books and technical books for advanced C++ programmers, but precious few books that actually teach programming in C++. Among them C++ In Action presents a unique approach--teaching the language from the perspective of a professional programmer.

In this book you won't find examples of boring payroll applications or programs for grading students. Instead you'll witness the development of a simple parser and a symbolic calculator from a simple command-line program to a GUI Windows application. In the process you'll learn how to use C++ like a real pro.

Bartosz Milewski's resume.[WWW] 铁柜 Web Edition The Web Edition of C++ in Action is being published on the Internet by me, the author. I realize that the technology is still not there--the technology that would make a web book as easy to read as its paper based relative. Computer monitors still lag behind paper in terms of resolution, portability and price. Fortunately, you won't need to spend hours connected to the Internet due to its increasingly high-speed [WWW] 铁柜access and because there are easy ways browse the web off-line.

The contents of the book are:

Web Edition Preface Preface Introduction Techniques Windows Techniques Software Project

Hardcopy Edition C++ in Action was published by Addison Wesley in 2001. It was translated into Chinese shortly thereafter.

You can buy a used copy of the book for a very low price (less than $20--hurry though--the price has recently doubled from the low of $10) through some discount sellers on Amazon. Apparently my book was selected as a bait to attract buyers who might also buy more expensive books. I have no problem with it, as long as it makes the book affordable to more people. So enjoy!

You can also buy it new at Barnes and Noble.

Source Code The CD that comes with the book was compiled to work with an old version of Code Co-op. If you have a newer version of Code Co-op (2.0 or later), don't use the CD--download the sources directly from here.

Worlds Calculators Techniques Windows Windows Calculator Porting Note: The compilers have changed since 2000, so some conversion of project files might be required.

Here's a version of WinCalc that works with Micro