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 * [!] Add parseString to XML lib. [Guido]
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 * [!] Complete SQLite docs. [Guido]


Only real to-do's here, no feature requests! See the AliceWishList for the latter.

[!] obligatory for next release, [?] optionally for next release


  • Clean up CVS structure. In particular, make Mozart and Seam specific stuff coexist peacefully and consistently. [all]

  • Get rid of monolithic makefiles. Argh... [all]

  • Double-check existing uses of "handle _ =>" in the system - it is almost always wrong!


  • Overloading for literals, probably by inserting implicit fromIntInf function. [Andreas]

  • Avoid regeneralizing types for obvious rebindings. Particularly enables opening structures containing overloaded stuff. [Andreas]

  • Move alpha-renaming from abstraction phase to translation phase, to be able to implement "include". Switch to functional environments first.

  • Reconsider encoding of datatypes into plain types/values, probably using structures. [Andreas]

  • Make parameterised signatures work. [Andreas]

  • Get rid of stateful switch structure (how???). Split compiler into library and tool part. Move batch compiler to tools section.

  • Actually use primitive functors. [Andreas]

  • Write verifier for abstract code. [Christian]

Runtime & Library

  • [!] Enable suppressing Gtk messages. [Andreas]

  • [!] Freeze Gtk binding: generate for 2.2(4?) and check in. Remove default generation from global Makefile. [Guido + Andreas]

  • [!] Upgrade to Gtk 2.6. [Andreas]

  • [?] Move SQLite, XML, RegExp into one dir. [Andreas]

  • Split lib/system into lib/system and lib/runtime.

  • Make basic exceptions pervasive. [Andreas]

  • Ensure that every CM imports only itself as CM? [Andreas]

  • Avoid loading of native components when reading signatures. [Andreas]

  • Use long-eta normal forms for higher-order types. [Andreas]

  • Get rid of stateful signature construction. Probably requires functional lookup tables. And get rid of stateful substitutions. [Andreas]

  • Implement OS.syserror and OS.errorMsg (via UnsafeOS).

  • Make exceptions names carry type information. [Andreas]

  • Provide an interface to finalisation in Store module.

  • [?] Try to deal with these obscure and really annoying problems with Gtk under Windows+Emacs. [Andreas]


  • See SeamDevelopment. [Guido]

  • Finish PowerPC port (jitting). [Guido]

  • Command option or environment variable to select port for distribution. [Guido]


  • [?] Turn parser and lexer into proper tools. Document. [Benedikt + Andreas]

  • [?] Display Array2.array values in Inspector. [Sebastian + Andreas]


  • [?] Document imports for lib/system, since they are not implicit for dynamic components. [Andreas]

  • Better Gecode documentation. [Guido]


  • [?] Provide infrastructure for hot update. [Andreas + Guido]