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Alice installation issues

See the Alice [WWW] Download page for general information about installing Alice.


*Installation instructions for Ubuntu 10.04/amd64*

  1. Download and extract the binary tar ball as instructed here:

  2. Add /opt/alice-1.4/bin to your PATH (not /opt/alice-seam/bin as instructed), you can do this by adding this to your ~/.bashrc file:

    • export PATH=$PATH:/opt/alice-1.4/bin

Open a new terminal, and run alice -g

  1. If you get this error:

       OpenLibrary(/opt/alice-1.4//lib/seam/alice.dll) failed:
       libgmp.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
       Broker.cc:76 error 'could not link language layer library'
       Segmentation fault

-- Gareth Smith, 2010-06-13

Mac OS X via Fink

Minor issue with the Mac OS X Fink install:

- Steve

This problem should be fixed with the new version of the Alice package. - Guido


I am attmpting to install on Solaris 9 sparc architecture. Anyone done this?


No other known issues currently... :)