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Enabling Email Support

Setting both "mail_smarthost" and "mail_from" in the configuration activates features that are explained below. These features are otherwise not available, since there are no general defaults.


This value is used for the "From:" and "To:" headers in the emails sent (the "To:" has email address privacy reasons, email is not really sent to this address, but we don't want to disclose any real recipient address).


This is the IP or domain name of an [FOLDOC]SMTP enabled server. On a Unix host, you can try to use localhost; on a Windows machine this will normally be a machine in your LAN or some host of your ISP.


This is only needed when you use SMTP AUTH to send mail; in that case, set this to the username and password separated by a space, i.e. "user pwd".

/!\ If you set mail_smarthost then you must also set mail_from.

See also HelpOnConfiguration.

Email Features

MoinMoin currently offers two email-based services, which are explained in the following sections.

Sending Login Data

If emailing is available, the UserPreferences dialog is expanded with a field "Your email address" and a button " Mail me my account data ". The user can enter the email address he provided at registration and then gets an email containing all necessary data to re-login, after clicking the button.

Change Notification

Any user can subscribe to changes of wiki pages by either clicking on the envelope icon Subscribe, or by adding a regex to the "Subscribed wiki pages" field of his UserPreferences. The system then sends, whenever a page is changed and the author doesn't uncheck the "Send mail notification" checkbox, an email with the author, a link to the page, and the diff of the change.