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about   above   actions   addition   all   allows   already   and   back   between   bottom   brighter   call   categorization   Category   Changes   changes   classic   Clicking   Contents   current   custom   each   especially   every   feature   fields   find   footer   for   from   Front   full   functions   go   header   help   Help   history   home   Icon   icons   if   in   Index   index   information   installed   inverted   jumps   known   link   links   list   located   main   means   meta   modifications   Most   most   Navigation   navigation   Needs   notifications   of   often   only   or   original   page   Page   parent   plus   previous   printable   quick   raw   Recent   recent   references   referencing   right   sample   say   search   searching   show   shown   shows   Site   something   source   Sub   subpage   subscribe   subscribed   texts   that   this   Title   titles   to   tools   traditional   true   unsubscribe   up   update   upper   use   used   version   will   without   Word   words   you  

Clear message

The header on each page allows you to go to the FrontPage (home), RecentChanges (recent modifications), TitleIndex (index of all the page titles), WordIndex (index of all the words in the page titles), SiteNavigation (list of navigation tools), and HelpContents (main help page).

On the upper right you find icons for the most often used functions:

Clicking on the Page Title link located in the header above will show every page that references this page. A sample use of this back-referencing, inverted-links feature is the categorization of pages, i.e. CategoryHomepage. On the bottom of each page, you find the "traditional" edit and search links known from the original wiki, and in addition fields for quick-searching titles and the page texts, plus links to call any custom actions you have installed.