How to build Alice for Mozart

This document describes how to build Alice for Mozart. For instructions on how to build Alice-on-SEAM, see SeamDevelopment.

Build and install process
  1. Cd to alice root directory

  2. Invoke "make PREFIX=<dir> install" (installs to directory <dir>, to ./install if PREFIX is omitted)

  3. Set PATH appropriately (<dir>/bin)

This builds the Mozart-based system. By using the install-seam.sh script you can also build a snapshot of the upcoming Seam-based system.

Adding support for new platforms

In principle, building should work on most Unix systems without too much hassle, though the involved scripts and makefiles haven't been geared towards true platform independence yet. The install scripts are currently known to work on "as-is" the following systems:

  1. Linux (except for Debian)

  2. Windows + Cygwin (only Seam-based built)

To build on another platform you at least have to perform the following steps:

  1. bootstrap/platform.sh: add an appropriate case for your system

  2. doc/manual/Makefile: set PHP to the name of the system's PHP interpreter

Adapting the build procedure for the Seam-based system might involve a bit more work. The Gtk library may also cause additional problems.