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How to release

Assume version is X.Y.Z

  1. Sync everything, particularly:

    1. Manual

    2. Version in banner of interactive toplevel ;-)

  2. Locally install (/opt/alice):

    1. Build it via "make install" (see HowToBuild)

    2. Test it!

  3. Build packages (from /opt/alice):

    • Tarball

    • Debian

    • Red Hat RPMs

    • Windows Install Shield

  4. Changelog and announcement:

    1. complete doc/versions/changes-devel-seam.txt

    2. copy doc/versions/changes-devel-seam.txt to doc/versions/changes-release-seam.txt

    3. copy doc/versions/changes-devel-seam.txt to doc/versions/changes-X.Y.Z-seam.txt

    4. write doc/versions/announcement-X.Y.Z-seam.txt

  5. Edit web pages:

    1. Update links to new versions on doc/homepage/download.html

    2. News and probably banner on doc/homepage/index.html

  6. Tag CVS

  7. Update local installation

    1. copy alice-devel to alice

  8. Update homepage:

    1. Put new packages on homepage (download subdirectory)

    2. Install homepage (cd doc/homepage; make release)

  9. Update Wiki newspage

  10. Post announcement:

    1. alice-announce

    2. mozart-announce

    3. comp.lang.functional (only major releases)

    4. comp.lang.ml (only major releases)

More details to come...