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/!\ 本页第一层列表仅用于中文系统页的链接名. 请不要在这层列表中使用任何语言旗标, 原英文名和注释 - 最好把这些东西放到第二层列表上. 只有在第一层列表只包含中文系统页链接名时, 这个中文翻译组页才能被Moin很好地派上用场. 这一页上也不能把第一层列表用于别的用途. -- 英文原文自ThomasWaldmann 2004-11-27 12:16:52


#language zh
##master-date:2004-05-11 19:27:40

如果某一页已经完全翻译成简体中文, 请在该页的最后注明其英文原文以便用户参考, 比如:



page 网页 ==== 备 注 ====
size 大小
site 站点
wiki 维基
homepage 个人网页
Help* 帮助*
HelpOn* 帮助-*
link 链接
edit 编辑
change 改动
template 模板
category 分类
Category* *类
login 登录
logout 登出
user 用户
password 密码
account,profile 帐号
info, information 信息


This is a list of all english SystemPages (including HelpPages) in this wiki, 大家一起来把它们翻成简体中文:




simply copied from the english version, without any translation

{en} {zh}


partially translated



completely translated



simply put the english version into the chinese version via Include, nothing has been really transtalted

{1} {zh}


simply put the english version into the chinese version via Include, with some chinese explanation



english version doesn't exist, can't translate

其它 Others


nothing has been done