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    DFKI Oz 2.0 is an interactive implementation of Oz featuring an incremental compiler, support for stand-alone applications, an object-oriented interface to Tcl/Tk, and unique graphical tools for constraint programming. It provides an extensive library of constraint propagators, distributors, and search engines, including special support for scheduling. Users can add their own constraint propagators through a C++ interface. Performance is competitive with the best Prolog, Lisp, and constraint programming systems. DFKI Oz 2.0 is available for Unix and Windows.


    For a short installation guide follow the instructions in the README file. Detailed instructions are found in the DFKI Oz User's Manual.

    Supported Platforms

    DFKI Oz 2.0 is available for


    In case you encounter problems during installations or bugs running Oz, please check known bugs and problems.

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