Known Bugs and Problems for Oz 2.0

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    1. The following platform specific bug on HPUX has been fixed:
      Dear Oz'ers,
      I tried to browse the line
         {System.virtualStringToValue "a([1.0 3] "#'f:(a#(b(4 unit)#c#_)))'}  
      from chapter 6.4 of the Users Manual with Oz-2.0.4, running under
      HP-UX-9.0 and I got the error message:
       %************ parse error **********
       %**     expecting `LDOTS' or `')''
       %**     in line 1, column 20
       *** ********************************************************
       *** Error: System
       *** illegal argument to System.virtualStringToValue
       *** Virtual String: a([1.0 3] f:(a#(b(4 unit)#c#_)))
       *** CallStack: 
       *** procedure SystemVirtualStringToValue ( File: ././System.oz Line:
      108 PC: 1075646168 )
       *** procedure Toplevel abstraction ( Line: 0 PC: 1075431208 )
       *** --------------------------------------------------------
      However, doing the same with Oz-2.0.4 under Windows95 works fine.
      Does System.virtualStringToValue need special access to Operating 
      System  functionality, e.g. for creating temporary files?
      Any Idea ?

    2. The documentation for Search.object was inconsistent. The method close does not exist, the right method to use is clear (documentation has been fixed).

    3. If the FTP server does not work, the system files of the Oz distribution can be also downloaded with the HTTP protocol from

    4. Emacs 20 requires a patch, which is also included in the lastest distribution.

    Christian Schulte