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    This version of Oz has been tested under Windows 95 and NT 3.51/4.0

    How to Install

    Installing Oz needs to be done in two steps.

    1. You have to install GNU Emacs first.
    2. Afterwards you install Oz. (If you upgrade to a newer version of Oz you only have to perform the second step).
    Thanks to Freeman Installer, the installation process has now been simplified a lot.

    Installing Emacs

    Download emacs-19.34.6.exe, execute it, and follow the instructions. More information about GNU Emacs for MS Windows can be found under http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/voelker/ntemacs.html.

    Installing Oz

    Get oz-2.0.4b.exe, execute it, and follow the instructions.
    This updated version fixes some problems when installing Oz under a pathname containing spaces.

    Known Bugs and Limitations

    So far most of the functionality of the Unix versions of Oz are supported with the following exceptions:

    Comments are very welcome!


    In case you encounter problems during installations or bugs running Oz, please check known bugs and problems before you report them.

    If you encounter a problem or bug not on this list, please send a bug report.

    Ralf Scheidhauer