[alice-announce] Gecode 1.0.0 released

Guido Tack tack at ps.uni-sb.de
Wed Jan 18 15:36:29 CET 2006

[Sorry for multiple copies.]

We would like to announce the release of
		Gecode 1.0.0

Gecode is an open, free, portable, accessible, and efficient
environment for developing constraint-based systems and
   Gecode is radically open for programming: it can be easily
   interfaced to other systems. It supports the programming of
   new propagators (as implementations of constraints), branching
   strategies, and search engines. New variable domains can be
   programmed with the same efficiency as the finite domain and
   integer set variables that come predefined with Gecode.

   Gecode is distributed under a BSD-style license. All of its
   parts including documentation, implementations of global
   constraints, and examples are available as source code.

   Gecode is implemented in C++ that carefully follows the C++
   standard. It can be compiled with modern C++ compilers and
   runs on a wide range of machines (including 64bit machines).

   Gecode comes with extensive reference documentation that allows
   to focus on different programming tasks like modelling, 
   implementing propagators, and implementing variable domains.

   Gecode offers competitive performance with respect to both
   runtime and memory usage.

allows contributions
   Gecode is designed to facilitate contributions on top of
   it. CP(Graph) and CP(Map) providing graph and map variables for
   constraint programming is available as a first contribution
   built on top of Gecode.

Gecode and contributions built on top of it are available from

Guido Tack
Programming Systems Lab, Saarland University, Saarbrücken

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