Downloading SEAM

Saarland University Computer Science

Currently only download via anonymous CVS is offered.

Anonymous CVS

Warning: It is quite likely that development snapshots might have bugs, they might not even build! You are basically on your own.

CVS information

In order to be able to build SEAM, you will need to checkout two modules, seam-support and seam.

Module:   seam-support
Password: anoncvs

Module:   seam
Password: anoncvs

Example session

An example session to check out the whole SEAM source tree might look as follows:

% cvs -d login
(Logging in to
CVS password: anoncvs
% cvs -d get seam-support seam

Building SEAM

Building SEAM on Windows currently requires the cygwin environment. The resulting binaries, however, do not need the cygwin dll.

Building SEAM requires to first build the seam-support module. To do so, execute:

cd seam-support && ./

On Windows, you will need to edit and change the line from BUILD_GMP=0 to BUILD_GMP=1 to have the GNU gmp library built. Finally add seam-support/install/bin to your path.

Now you can proceed to building SEAM. Executing

cd seam && make -f Makefile.cvs
will setup the Makefiles and configure scripts. Now you can use configure to perform the platform-specific setup. An example invocation on Windows might look like:
mkdir build
cd build
../seam/configure \
  CXX='g++ -mno-cygwin -DS_IXOTH=S_IXUSR -DS_IXGRP=S_IXUSR' \
  CXXFLAGS='-mcpu=pentium3 -march=pentium3' \
  CC='gcc -mno-cygwin -DS_IXOTH=S_IXUSR -DS_IXGRP=S_IXUSR' \
  CFLAGS='-mcpu=pentium3 -march=pentium3' \
  --prefix=../seam-install \
  --with-warnings=yes \
make install

On unix like operating systems, the (g++|gcc) -mno-cygwin -DS_IXOTH=S_IXUSR -DS_IXGRP=S_IXUSR collapses to (g++|gcc).

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