Tiny Constraint Modelling Language


Constraint Modelling Languages offer a lot of benefits:

Furthermore, a modelling language seems to be adequate to investigate analysing constraint problems:


The goal of the TCML project is to devise a constraint modelling language and to build a small tool that translates a constraint problem given in this language into Mozart and ILOG, and implements at least parts of the analysis component. More basically, we want to get a feeling for what one can do with the language and the analysis. In particular, how can the information derived in the analysis brought to bear insight and increased understanding of the problem to the user?

The tool should consist of a frontend, that translates TCML to an internal representation, an analysing component, and a backend, possibly amended by a user interface, utilising and potentially presenting the information that was derived in the analysing component.


The Oz implementation of a first prototype system has been completed. The system is available to members of the Programming Systems Lab from the CVS archives (check out module tcml), and for public download below.

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