Domain approximations for finite set constraint variables: An integrated approach

Patrick Pekczynski

Diploma Thesis at the Programming Systems Lab 2006,

Supervisor: Guido Tack

Responsible Professor: Prof. Gert Smolka

Timeframe: February 2006 - January 2007


Constraint programming beyond finite integer domains is getting more and more attention, as witnessed by a great number of conference papers and a dedicated workshop. The most popular domain beyond integers is the domain of finite sets.
The predominant representation of domains for set constraint variables is to approximate a set with a greatest lower bound and a least upper bound, as introduced by Gervet [23]. Alternative representations include arrays of 0/1 variables or ordered binary decision diagrams [29]. Although many systems implement finite set constraints (for instance ILOG Solver [64], Mozart [48], ECLiPSe [52], and Choco [6]), little has been published about efficient data structures that implement finite set constraint variables.


Data structures for constraint variable domains must be implemented very carefully, as their efficiency directly affects the efficiency of propagators operating on them, and thus the overall efficiency of the constraint system. For finite set constraints, no such analysis has been published.
Gecode [7], a generic constraint development environment, is designed to be open in the sense that new constraint domains can be added easily and efficiently. This makes it an ideal platform for experimenting with different implementations for finite set constraint variables.

Work packages

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