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Last update: 06/06/2018

IOzSeF - The Integrated Oz Search Factory

Fortgeschrittenen-Praktikum von Guido Tack
Betreut von Christian Schulte


Search is an important aspect of constraint programming. In current implementations of search in Mozart, the user may choose between different search strategies (like depth first or limited discrepancy), or use the interactive search tool (Explorer).
IOzSeF aims at giving the user the full control over the following orthogonal aspects:

On the developer side, IOzSeF provides an API that makes it easy to implement new exploration strategies on a high level.


The implementation of IOzSeF is nearly feature complete. The graphical user interface has been designed around that of the Explorer.
The source code is released and can be obtained from Mogul as mogul:/tack/iozsef.
Things that still need to be done:

Things that might be done in the future:

Further information:

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