Jonas Kaiser

Saarland University Computer Science
Jonas Kaiser

Hi, I am a member of the Graduate School of Computer Science and a PhD student at the Programming Systems Lab here in Saarbr├╝cken.

I am currently studying the various ways syntax with binders can be handled in a proof assistant. I am using System F as an object logic that has sufficiently interesting binding mechanisms and compare and contrast an equivalence proof done with de Bruijn syntax in Coq with a HOAS approach in Abella and Beluga.

Prior to my present line of work I focused on the construction of models for type theories. In particular I worked with set-theoretic models for Luo's ECC.

I am mainly interested in Computational Logic, Type Systems, Syntax with Binders, Functional Programming and Programming Language Semantics.

I received my BA (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge in 2010 and a M.Sc. from Saarland University in 2013.

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