Concurrent Constraint Programming in Oz
for Natural Language Processing

Denys Duchier   &   Joachim Niehren



Mozart is a complete programming system based on the Oz language. It supports many programming paradigms in a fully integrated fashion: functional programming, object-oriented programming, constraint programming, concurrent programming, distributed programming. Mozart is developed by the Mozart Consortium consisting of:

  • Programming Systems Lab, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Further information about Mozart can be found on the Mozart Consortium's web site:

Installing Mozart

You can download Mozart freely from the>Web. For installation, you better have system administrator (root) previligees. Further information can be found in the System Installation Manual of the Documentation.


The Mozart programming system comes with a lot of documentation: tutorials and reference manuals. The complete documentation can be found on-line at [Mozart Documentation]

Tutorials you should read:

Reference manuals you will need:

Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

You should read the following newsgroups available on news server

This is where you can discuss Mozart related issues with the rest of the user community, and also where you can get help for Mozart related problems.

This is where major Mozart related announcements are posted.

These newsgroups are also available as mailing-lists if you prefer:
To subscribe, send email to
To subscribe, send email to

The user community has been contributing Mozart packages through MOGUL: the [MOzart Global User Library]. This is a good place to look, if you need more elaborate functionality not already provided through Mozart's standard libraries. If you develop an interesting package, you should consider contributing it to MOGUL.