Solving the ACC Basketball Scheduling Problem with Integer Local Search

The problem was orignially described in a paper by Michael Trick and George Nemhauser and is available from Michael Trick's Home Page.

We have approached the problem using WSAT(OIP), an integer local search heuristic, given a monolithic 0-1 integer linear programming model. WSAT(OIP) was given the algebraic model specified with AMPL , a modelling language for mathematical programming. The final ACC Model incorporates all of the constraints and optimization criteria given in the paper by Nemhauser and Trick as hard constraints.

A set of problem instances of increasing constraint tightness is available, ranging up to 1773x3479 variables x constraints. The tightest instance permits only few solutions (87).

The WSAT(OIP) solver including an AMPL interface is available here. [New]

A recent paper describing an efficient constraint-programming approach can be obtained from Martin Henz's publications.

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