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Saarland University Computer Science

Inclusion Constraints over Non-Empty Sets of Trees

Martin Müller, Joachim Niehren, Andreas Podelski

Theory and Practice of Software Development, International Joint Conference CAAP/FASE/TOOLS, Vol. 1214 of LNCS, pp. 217-231, springer, April 1997

We present a new constraint system called Ines. Its constraints are conjunctions of inclusions $t_1subseteq t_2$ between first-order terms (without set operators) which are interpreted over non-empty sets of trees. The existing systems of set constraints can express Ines constraints only if they include negation. Their satisfiability problem is NEXPTIME-complete. We present an incremental algorithm that solves the satisfiability problem of Ines constraints in cubic time. We intend to apply Ines constraints for type analysis for a concurrent constraint programming language.

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