________ Requirements ________________________________________________

Current versions of the Alice system are somewhat resource-hungry. We hence recommend a system with at least 1 GHz and 512 MB Ram. The installation requires approximately 70 MB of Harddisk space.

________ Packages ____________________________________________________

The following packages provide version 1.4 of the Alice programming system. All packages include the full manual web pages.


As a self installing executable:

Note: You have to uninstall all previous versions of Alice before installing the packages.


For Red Hat Linux:

For Debian Linux:

For other Linuces:

You can unpack the binary tarball to the root directory, it will install Alice under /opt/alice-seam. After unpacking, add /opt/alice-seam/bin to your PATH.

Mac OS

We provide a disk image with Alice as a full, self-contained application. Just mount the image and copy Alice to your hard disk. Starting the Alice application will launch the interactive toplevel.

In order to use the Alice command line tools, add /Applications/ to your PATH environment variable. (This assumes that you copied Alice into that folder, just replace the path with the path where you actually copied it.)

Package version 4 fixes the startup problem on recent versions of Mac OS

Note: starting Alice for the first time may take a while. Please be a little patient.


The Alice system is free software. See the license for details.

Some binary packages (especially the Windows build) contain versions of the Gtk, SQLite3, and libxml2 libraries. Please see the corresponding web sites for license information.

________ Previous version ____________________________________________

The following packages provide the previous version 0.9.3 of the Alice programming system, which runs on the Mozart VM and allows interoperability with Oz code.


This version of Alice is based on the Mozart Programming system. It hence is necessary to install Mozart before installation of Alice itself. You will need:

Gtk support is included in the standard Windows distribution of Mozart. For Linux, you have to install the mozart-gtk add-on package, which is available from the Mozart download site.


As Windows Installer package (MSI):

Or as self installing executable:

Note: You have to uninstall all previous versions of Alice before installing the packages.


For Red Hat Linux:

For Debian Linux:

For other Unixes (binary tarballs):

________ Emacs mode for Alice ________________________________________

We provide a version of the SML-Mode for Emacs that is patched with special support for Alice ML keywords, error messages, and file extensions. It allows using the interactive Alice top-level from within Emacs.

Please follow the instructions in the contained INSTALL or INSTALL-WINDOWS file for installation.

Note: If you are using the Mozart-based variant of Alice (version 0.9.x), first make sure that the environment variables OZHOME and ALICE_HOME point to the installation directory of the Mozart system and the Alice system, respectively.

________ Anonymous CVS _______________________________________________

In addition to the released version, the current development sources are also available via anonymous CVS.

Warning: It is quite likely that development snapshots might have bugs, they might not even build! You are basically on your own.

CVS information

Module:   alice
Password: anoncvs

The tag for the current release branch is:


Sample session

An example session to check out the whole Alice source tree (including tools, libraries, and documentation) might look as follows:

% cvs -d login
(Logging in to
CVS password: anoncvs
% cvs -d get alice

From the CVS repository you can also access the released version:

% cvs -d get -r release-1-3 alice

Note that you also need SEAM and Gecode to be able to actually build Alice. See the Alice Wiki for details.

________ GitHub _______________________________________________

A mirror of the original CVS repository has been installed by Chris Double on GitHub:

This mirror includes a number of patches to support building Alice on more recent systems.

________ Contributions _______________________________________________

For more Alice-related libraries and tools provided by the user community, please see our contributions page.

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