Alice Project


________ Overview ____________________________________________________

The dependency analizyer generates output suitable for inclusion in a Makefile, in order to control recompilation of a set of source files.

________ Synopsis ____________________________________________________

alicedep <file> ... >Makefile.depend

________ Description _________________________________________________

The analyzer tool takes a list of source files and writes make-compatible dependency information to standard output.

For each given source file the tool generates one make-style rule. The rule's target is the path of the file relative to the current working directory, with an appropriate extension. To determine the rule's prerequisites the tool scans all import announcements in the source file. Imports from URIs that have a scheme different from file: are ignored (note that URIs without a scheme are implicitly assumed to have file schemes). For each file URI an appropriate prerequisite is generated. Relative paths are resolved with respect to the location of the source file.

________ Environment variables _______________________________________

The dependency analyzer is parameterized by the same environment variables as the virtual machine.

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