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The Bool structure

________ Synopsis ____________________________________________________

    signature BOOL
    structure Bool : BOOL

An extended version of the Standard ML Basis' Bool structure.

The type bool and its constructors, as well as the function not are available in the top-level environment.

See also: ORDERED

________ Import ______________________________________________________

Imported implicitly.

________ Interface ___________________________________________________

    signature BOOL =
	datatype bool = false | true
	type     t    = bool

	val equal :      bool * bool -> bool
	val compare :    bool * bool -> order

	val not :        bool -> bool

	val toString :   bool -> string
	val fromString : string -> bool option
	val scan :       (char,'a) StringCvt.reader -> (bool,'a) StringCvt.reader

________ Description _________________________________________________

Items not described here are as in the Standard ML Basis' Bool structure.

type t = bool

A local synonym for type bool.

equal (b1, b2)

An explicit equality function on bools. Equivalent to op=.

compare (b1, b2)

An ordering function on bools. It defines false < true.

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