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The Sited structure

________ Synopsis ____________________________________________________

    signature SITED
    structure Sited : SITED

This structure provides an abstract data type that allows to create values that are sited, i.e. cannot be pickled or transferred to other processes.

See also: Pickle

________ Import ______________________________________________________

    import signature SITED from "x-alice:/lib/data/SITED-sig"
    import structure Sited from "x-alice:/lib/data/Sited"

________ Interface ___________________________________________________

    signature SITED =
	eqtype 'a sited
	type 'a t = 'a sited

	val sited : 'a -> 'a sited
	val value : 'a sited -> 'a

________ Description _________________________________________________

eqtype 'a sited type 'a t = 'a sited

A type of sited values of type 'a. Equality is defined structurally.

sited x

Turns x into a sited value.

value sit

Extracts the proper value from the sited sit. It holds that

        value (sited x) = x

for values that support equality.

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