Alice Project


________ Overview ____________________________________________________

This page provides an overview of the limitations of the current version of the Alice system.

________ Language ____________________________________________________

Overloaded literals

Overloading is not supported for literal constants. All literals default to their primary type.

Constructor strictness

If a (generative or non-generative) constructor has a syntactic arity not equal to 1, application of this constructor is strict in the argument (record).

Datatype replication

Datatype replication in signatures (datatype t = datatype u) is not supported yet. Since datatypes are structural, the datatype specification can be copied as a work-around. Datatype replication in structures is supported.

First-class components

The export signature cannot refer to entities bound in imports.

________ Library _____________________________________________________

Incomplete structures

Some of the implemented structures and functors from the Standard ML Basis Library lack parts of their functionality. These include:

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