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Introduction to Computational Logic: Services

We offer a number of services that will help you understand and practise the contents of the lecture. We recommend you to make use of as many of these services as possible.


Assignments help you to practise the methods and concepts of the lecture.

A new assignment sheet will be published every Wednesday. It will neither be corrected nor graded. After one week, we will publish a sample solution that you can compare your own solutions to. If you have further questions, you can discuss them in your tutorial group, during the office hours of any of the tutors, and on the mailing list.


In the tutorials, you can

A tutorial usually takes about an hour.

The tutors for this lecture are:


Tests allow you to practise your skills in an exam-like situation.

Tests will be offered at the beginning of each tutorial. They are written and closed-book, and examine the contents of the current assignment sheet. Tests will take about 15 minutes. To prepare for the tests, you should work through the assignments, and use the office hours of any of the tutors and the mailing list to ask about anything that is unclear to you.

Tests will be graded by your tutor. By successful participation in the tests, you can raise your final grade by up to three steps, for example from 2,3 to 1,3:

Tests cannot compensate for failed exams.

Your test score can be found on your personal data page.

Office Hours

During the office hours, tutors can give you direct support. You may, for example, want to

Please see the Timetable to find out about the time slots for the office hours.

Mailing list

The mailing list should be used to ask any questions you might have about the lecture. It will also be used to make important announcements. Subscribing to the mailing list is highly recommended.

Click here to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the mailing list, or to visit the list archives.

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