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Introduction to Computational Logic: Exams

General information

There will be three exams: two regular exams in term time and a re-exam at the beginning of the next term. In order to get the credit points for the lecture, you will have to pass two of these three exams.

In order to take part in the first regular exam (the mid-term exam) you need to have achieved at least one third of the points in the tests in the first five tutorials. For the second regular exam (the end-term exam) there is no such restriction.

You can only take part in the re-exam if you have passed exactly one regular exam and have achieved at least one third of the points in the other regular exam.

Here is how your final grade is determined:

Please acquaint yourself with our exam rules.


In order to take part in an exam, you have to register for it.

Registration starts 14 days and ends 7 days before the day of the exam. You can register via the registration page. Please understand that due to organisational reasons, we will not admit people to an exam who have not registered for it, even if they are registered for the lecture as such.


Exams are scheduled to take place as follows:

Mid-term: 2005-05-21, 09:00–11:30. Building 23, R21
End-term: 2005-07-23, 09:00–11:30. Building 23, R21
Re-exam: 2005-09-21, 09:00–11:30. Building 27, Hörsaal Mathe III

Grading of Exams

Die following Table shows how the grade is computed from the points in the mid-term and the final exam:

< 7575–8182–8889–9596–102103–109110–116117–123124–130131–137138–150
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