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Introduction to Computational Logic

Core Course (Theoretical Computer Science), 9 credit points
Stammvorlesung (Theoretische Informatik), 9 Leistungspunkte

Summer Semester 2006

Prof. Gert Smolka, Mathias Möhl
Department of Informatics, Saarland University

Lectures are on Mondays, 11:15–13:00, and Wednesdays, 11:15–13:00, in Building E1.3, HS 002. The first lecture is on Wednesday, April 19, and the last lecture is on Wednesday, July 19. The first tutorial is on Tuesday, April 25, and the last tutorial is on Tuesday July 18. There will be no lectures on Monday, Mai 1, and on Monday, June 5th (Pentecost).


Computational Logic plays an important rôle in many areas of computer science, including verification of hardware and software, programming languages, databases and Artificial Intelligence. This course lays the foundations for the more advanced core courses Automated Reasoning, Semantics and Verification. The main topics of the course are:

Office hours

Prof. Gert Smolka: Wednesdays, 14:15–15:45
Mathias Möhl: Fridays, 10:15–11:45


2006-07-11: Registration for the final exam is online.

2006-04-07: Registration for the lecture is online.

2006-02-16: Web page available.

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