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Constraint Programming: Registration (Lecture)

To register for this lecture, please provide the following information. (All information is mandatory.)

This registration is open until Sunday, 2005-05-01.

Personal data

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Using your matriculation number as login and a freely-chosen password, you will be able to review online all data related to your participation in the lecture – like the results of your exams, or your final grade. Please choose the password below.

Do not choose a valuable password, as it will be transmitted and stored in plain text!

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Statistical information

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Once you have registered, you are free to unregister again until Sunday, 2005-05-01. You can do so by sending an informal email containing your matriculation number to Marco Kuhlmann. Please note that all students registered after this deadline are obliged to take part in the exams.


After registration, you can review your data.

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