Saarland University Computer Science

Core course, 9 credit points

Wintersemester 2013/2014

Prof. Gert Smolka, Steven Schäfer
FR Informatik, Universität des Saarlandes


Final exam registrations: thread.


First lecture: Thursday, 17. October 2013
First tutorial: Monday, 21. October 2013
Christmas break: Thursday, 19. December 2013 until Friday, 03. January 2014
Last lecture: Monday, 03. February 2014


The course covers topics in the theory of programming languages. We assume that students are familiar with the proof assistant Coq.

Planned Topics


Lectures are on Mondays 10:15–12:00 and Thursdays 12:15–14:00, in Building E1 3, Lecture Hall 001. The first class is on Thursday, October 17.

There will be weekly tutorials, starting in the second week of term time. The tutorials will be on Mondays 16:15–18:00, in Building E1 3, Lecture Hall 003.


To receive credit points for this course, students must register for it with the University's HISPOS system. You must also register with us in order to take part in the tutorials and exams. Registration will be open between Sunday, 03. November 2013, 12:00 until Friday, 08. November 2013, 23:59. If you later decide to unregister, you must make sure to unregister with HISPOS and should also send an email to .