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Advanced Topics in Semantics

Seminar, 7 Credit Points

Summer term 2008

Dr. Jan Schwinghammer, Prof. Gert Smolka,
Programming Systems Lab, Department of Computer Science, Saarland University

In this seminar we will take up some ideas introduced in the semantics course, and extend them in various directions. Topics include:

The seminar will be based on the book Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages, edited by Benjamin Pierce, as well as some original research articles.


The seminar will be split into two parts:

We will meet Fridays from 12:45 to 14:00 in seminar room 528 (Building E1.3).

The provisional schedule is as follows:

The first round of talks will be Friday, July 18th, from 15:30-17:30. The second round will be on Friday, September 26th, from 18:00-20:00 (time may still change).


This seminar requires a certain mathematical maturity. You should have successfully participated in the "Semantics" course, or be prepared to acquire the necessary background in self-study.

Assessment and work load

To obtain the credit points assigned to this course, you have to

Expect to work one full day per week for this seminar.


The initial meeting took place on Friday, 18.04.2008, and registration for the seminar is now closed. Guests are always welcome during the reading group and talks; simply send an email.

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