DFKI Oz 1.1.1

Important Notice

The successor of DFKI Oz 1 is Mozart. Mozart is a much improved system with respect to features, tools, and efficiency. We strongly encourage you to consider Mozart for using and downloading rather than Oz 1. Oz 1 is still available as documentation how Oz evolved and for those interested in an ultraconcurrent programming language.   Mozart


DFKI Oz is an interactive implementation of Oz featuring a programming interface based on GNU Emacs, a concurrent browser, an object-oriented interface to Tcl/Tk, powerful interoperability features (sockets, C, C++), an incremental compiler, a garbage collector, and support for stand-alone applications. Performance is competitive with commercial Prolog and Lisp systems.


For a short installation guide follow the instructions in the README file. Detailed instructions are found in the DFKI Oz User's Manual. The DFKI Oz system is distributed in two parts; to install DFKI Oz, you need both:
  • platform independent base in source form and
  • the platform specific binaries of the compiler and emulator. Currently available are Our main development platforms are Sparc-based computers running Sun OS. We are very interested in your experiences with the binaries for other platforms.
  • Problems and Known Bugs

    DFKI Oz 1.1.1 is not longer supported, for an improved and supported version of Oz see Oz 2.