Init Method

The init method is given a list of domains. Each domain is represented by the list of its values (these should be atoms or integers). A DomainProduct object is created as follows:

declare O = {New DomainProduct init([D1 D2 ... Dp])}

where each Di is a list of values representing a domain.

The initialization code constructs the map value2set by iterating through the integers in the range [1.\,.N]. For each I in this range, DecodeInt is invoked to obtain the corresponding tuple (as a list of values). For each value V in this tuple, I is added to the list of indices for V. When we are done, these lists of indices are turned into sets of indices.

<DomainProduct init method>=
meth init(Domains)
   Sizes = {Map Domains Length}
   L1    = {Map Sizes fun {$ Size} _#Size end}
   N     = {FoldR L1 fun {$ M#N Accu} M=Accu N*Accu end 1}
   Divs  = {Map L1 fun {$ M#_} M end}
   Val2Ints = {}
   for I in 
      Tuple = {DecodeInt I-1 Divs Domains}
      for V in Tuple do 
         {Dictionary.put Val2Ints V
          I|{Dictionary.condGet Val2Ints V nil}}
   divisors <- Divs
   domains  <- Domains
<DomainProduct init method, niceties> 
   for K in {Dictionary.keys Val2Ints} do 
      Val2Ints.K := {FS.value.make Val2Ints.K}
   self.range = 1#N
   self.empty = FS.value.empty
   self.full  = {FS.value.make self.range}
   value2set <- Val2Ints

Denys Duchier
Version 1.2.0 (20010221)