4.4.1 MakeNode

For each variable x in the description, we must create all the corresponding set variables required by the encoding. This is the purpose of function MakeNode. It is invoked as {MakeNode I Vars} where I is the unique integer used to represent variable x and Vars is a set variable representing the set of all variables occurring in the description. The function returns a representation of \NODE{x} in the form of a record.

<Dominance: MakeNode>=
fun {MakeNode I Vars}
   [Eq Down Up Side] = {FS.var.list.decl 4}
   EqDown = {FS.union Eq Down}
   EqUp   = {FS.union Eq Up}
   {FS.partition [Eq Down Up Side] Vars}
   {FS.include I Eq}
      eq        : Eq
      down      : Down
      up        : Up
      side      : Side
      eqdown    : EqDown
      equp      : EqUp
      daughters : _)

Denys Duchier
Version 1.2.0 (20010221)