5.5.1 Demo Session

Start the demo application

Note that in order to run the demo application, you will need to have package mogul:/duchier/select installed at your site (see Section 5.5.5). When the demo application starts, it pops up a window with an entry box where you can type in a your input. Let's illustrate this with the example sentence which which we started this chapter: das Buch hat mir Peter versprochen zu lesen. After you type in the sentence, click the Parse button and an explorer window pops up showing you the search tree for all possible parses. You can click on any node in this search tree to see a graphical display of the current state of the corresponding, possibly partial, dependency tree.

There are more possible solutions than you might expect, simply because we have no word order restrictions. This can be seen clearly if we deliberately mix up the words as in die der liebt Mann Frau:

Here is another example inspired by Reape's article [Rea94]: Peter hat mir versprochen, dem Richter zu gestehen, die Tat begangen zu haben.

Denys Duchier
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