Leif Kornstaedt

Since December, 2003, I have been working at Microsoft Corporation. After contributing for several years to the .NET Common Language Runtime as a Developer and Senior Development Lead, I have joined Technical Strategy Incubation.

Research and Development

I was a researcher at the Programming Systems Lab at the Computer Science Department of the Universität des Saarlandes. I worked with project MI 6 – NEP within the Collaborative Research Centre 378. The topic of my doctoral dissertation (defended on December 14, 2006) was the design and implementation of a programmable middleware. It is based on practical work on two programming systems, namely Alice and Mozart.

My Contributions to Alice

Alice is a functional high-level programming language derived from Standard ML. Alice extends Standard ML with open programming features, in particular concurrency, synchronization, pickling, and distribution.

My Contributions to Mozart

Mozart is an implementation of the multi-paradigm language Oz. Mozart is developed in collaboration with the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

My Publications


Besides research and development, one of my responsibilities as a researcher was assistance in teaching and supervision of students.

Leif Kornstaedt, kornstae@ps.uni-sb.de
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