Research associate and doctoral student at
Programming Systems Lab,
Computer Science Department,
Universität des Saarlandes,
Saarbrücken, Germany.

[Me, myself, & I]

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phone :: ++49 681 302 5609
fax :: ++49 681 302 5615
email ::
office ::   building 45 room 524
mail :: Andreas Rossberg
Universität des Saarlandes
Postfach 15 11 50
66041 Saarbrücken

research _______________________

Research interests include:

  • type systems
  • module systems
  • functional languages
  • object-oriented languages
  • compilers
  • runtime systems
  • concurrency

Currently I am involved in the design and implementation of Alice/Stockhausen, which combines the essential ideas of the Oz/Mozart system with typeful programming a la Standard ML.

[Mozart]          [Stockhausen]          [Alice]

See our publications data base for my recent papers. As of January 5th, 2007, I also have (finally) submitted my PhD thesis, developing a theory for typeful open programming. Now I wait for the referees to find any of the undoubtedly numerous bugs I made in the proofs... :-)

Professional Activities:

Some other stuff I have done:

My favourite programming language still is Sartre.

teaching _______________________

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