About me

I am a graduate student at Saarland University working with Prof. Gert Smolka and Prof. Sebastian Hack on verification of efficient compilers for imperative, C-like languages. My PhD Project is the verified compiler LVC. The main goal of LVC is to explore the term-based intermediate language IL and use it to realize SSA. I hold Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Saarland University. My bachelor's thesis was advised by Mark Kaminski and Prof. Gert Smolka. My master's thesis can be found here.

Since 2013 I hold a Google Europe Fellowship in Compiler Technology.

I am very grateful that a Fulbright stipend allowed me to visit the University of Washington, where I had the chance to work with Prof. Michael Ernst, Ivan Beschastnikh, and others on Synoptic.

The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes supported me during my time as a Bachelor's and Master's student, which I gratefully acknowledge.