Joachim Paul Walser

Joachim Paul Walser received his Dr.Ing. (Ph.D.) in computer science at the Universität des Saarlandes (1995-98), funded by a DFG (German Science Foundation) doctoral fellowship. His thesis advisor  was Prof. Gert Smolka, Programming Systems Lab, and committee co-examiner  was Dr. Henry Kautz, AT&T Research . Previously, he received a Master's degree from the University of Oregon (CIRL) under the supervision of Dr. James Crawford. Dr. Walser is a member of  the Optimization Team of i2 Technologies.

Research Interests  
The Integration of AI and OR Techniques for Combinatorial Optimization (AAAI-2000 Workshop)
Large Scale Combinatiorial Optimization and Constraints (Workshop at CP-99), published  ENDM 
Local Search for Integer Optimization 
Abstract Local Search for Scheduling 
Frequency assignment, multi-criteria optimization 
Search in concurrent constraint programming 
My Research
Implementations: WSAT(OIP) (now interfacing with AMPL)
   [New] Windows NT4.0/2000 with Cygwin![New]
Benchmarks for general 0-1 integer solvers
Case Studies
  •  Capacitated Production Plannning, at i2 Technologies 
  • Radar Surveillance Covering, at SICS 
  • Sports Scheduling, The ACC97/98 Season, via AMPL/WSAT(OIP) 
  • The Progressive Party Problem 
  • Review Assignment for CP97 
  • Course Assignment, at our Law School 

    Office Coordinates
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    Dr.Walser & Partner
    Intelligent Optimization Solutions
    Adelheidstrasse 36
    D-80796 Müchen, Germany
    E-Mail  info @
    Visits Nov-Dec '98: AT&T Shannon Labs, Florham Park 
    Sep '98: School of Computing, National University of Singapore 
    Apr '98: Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Stockholm 
    Jul-Sep '97: i2 Technologies, Dallas, TX
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