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Semantics: Tutorials

We provide you with a number of services that will help you understand and practise the contents of the lecture.


We will give you a new assignment every Thursday. The assignments don't have to be handed in and won't be corrected, neither will you get grades for them. But you will find sample solutions on the web that you can compare to your solutions. If you have further questions, you will have the chance to discuss them in your tutorial group or during the "Office Hours" of your tutor.

SML sources


There will be two weekly tutorial groups that you should use to

A tutorial takes usually about an hour, attending the tutorials is voluntary.

The tutorial groups in detail:

The tutorial group table shows you which group you have been assigned to.


The mini-exams allow you to demonstrate your knowledge in an exam-like situation. Every mini-exam will take about 20 minutes and consist of two exercises. By successfully passing the mini-exams, you can raise the grade of the exams you passed by up to two grades (for example from 2.0 to 1.3). Please note that mini-exams cannot compensate for exams that you did not pass!

Taking part in the mini-exams is voluntary.

Office Hours

During the office hours, your tutor can give you direct support. You can for example

You find the dates of the office hours on the lecture's homepage.

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