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    Changes from Oz 2.0.0 to 2.0.2

    1. Fixed all major known bugs
    2. Windows NT/95 includes a version of "ozsac" to create standalone systems
    3. Distribution contains binares for all supported platforms (HP-UX, AIX, SUNOS, SOLARIS, SGI, NT/95, LINUX, DEC-OSF1)
    4. The semantics of
      or ... end
      is now synchronizing. Now it behaves like
      choice ... end and dis ... end
      where synchronizing means that the thread on which or ... end resides blocks until or ... end reduces.
    5. Added Dictionary.clone and Dictionary.items
    6. There is no order in which choices in first-class computation spaces are selected for Space.commit now. See for more information
    7. Documentation: the User's Manual is now in a much better shape

    Recent Changes

    January 27, 1997 (tmueller)
    cpi renamings

    January 27, 1997 (mehl)
    {Thread.terminate T} == {Thread.injectException T {Exception.system kernel(terminate)}}

    January 29, 1997 (wuertz)
    firsts/Lasts distribution: ties treated by global slack

    January 30, 1997 (scheidhr)
    bug fix: better optimize tail recursion

    January 31, 1997 (schulte)
    Type exception fix in And and Or

    February 4, 1997 (schulte)

    February 18, 1997 (schulte)
    Drawing in Explorer has been speeded up considerably. Unfortunately this slows down hiding/unhiding a little bit.

    February 25, 1997 (schulte)
    NewServer does not create a thread itself. To use it as before, you have to wrap it in thread ... end, possibly with a try statement for exception handling.

    February 28, 1997 (mmueller)
    {IsInstanceOf O C B} O is an instance of class C

    March 3, 1997 (mehl)
    Record construction f(X:_ Y:_) fails if X=Y.

    March 11, 1997 (schulte)
    Bug fix in IsTuple.

    March 13, 1997 (schulte)
    Port.close has been removed.

    April 5, 1997 (mehl)
    Foreign function interface: added prefix OZ_ to FAILED, ENTAILED and VarArity.

    April 2, 1997 (kornstae)
    Added OZ_raiseError and OZ_raiseErrorC to foreign function interface.

    April 4, 1997 (schulte)
    Bug fix in printing strings

    April 9, 1997 (schulte)
    Bug fix in Explorer scaling

    April 24, 1997 (schulte)
    tk and tkReturn* methods of class Tk.image has been changed

    Suppose I is an instance of class Tk.image initialized with type photo. Then, {I tkImage(...)} invokes commands available for images and {I tk(...)} invokes commands available for photos. Also methods tkImageReturn, ... with the obvious meaning are now available.

    (So, if you used {I tk(...)} before, use {I tkImage(...)} instead)

    Jul 2, 1997 (kornstae)

    Jul 31, 1997 (kornstae)
    OPI: Added Oz-Gump mode.

    Aug 21, 1997 (kornstae)
    Added a mode for displaying Oz machine code.

    Aug 26, 1997 (mehl)
    Bug fixes for list optimization in AdjoinAt and Adjoin.

    Aug 26, 1997 (schulte)
    Bug fix in iterative deepening. Depth was increased geometrically rather than in a linear fashion: This leads to exponential overhead in some cases.

    Aug 27, 1997 (schulte)
    Serious bug fix for distribution. For split-style distribution all variable selection strategies (min, max, etc) have been entirely wrong!

    Michael Mehl