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Saarland University Computer Science

Verified Spilling and Translation Validation with Repair

Julian Rosemann, Sigurd Schneider, Sebastian Hack

ITP, 2017

Spilling is a mandatory translation phase in every compiler back-end. It decides whether and where a value is stored in a register or in memory and has therefore a significant impact on performance. In this paper, we study spilling in the setting of a verified compiler with a term-based intermediate representation that provides an alternative way to realize SSA. We devise a permissive correctness criterion to accommodate many SSA-based spilling algorithms and prove the criterion sound. As case study, we verify two basic spilling algorithms. Finally, we show that our criterion is decidable by deriving a translation validator that repairs spilling information if necessary. We show that the validator always produces a valid spilling, and that the validator does not alter valid spilling information. Our results are formalized in Coq as part of the LVC compiler project.

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