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Saarland University Computer Science

Drawings as Models of Syntactic Structure: Theory and Algorithms

Mathias Möhl

Diploma thesis, Programming Systems Lab, Universitat des Saarlandes, Saarbrucken, February 2006

This thesis introduces drawings, a class of mathematical structures suitable to represent the syntactic structure of natural language sentences. Drawings are simple structures, and independent of any grammar formalism or generating device. The derived structures of many grammar formalisms can be interpreted as a drawing. Structures derived by different formalisms can thus be compared on a common base.
Drawings are not restricted to projective analyses. We present two measures for the level of non-projectivity of drawings: gap degree and well-nestedness. With these two measures we characterise the class of drawings that corresponds to the derivations of Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG).
Furthermore, a description language for well-nested drawings is presented and complemented with an algorithm that enumerates all drawings for an expression of that language.

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