________ Mailing lists _______________________________________________

We provide several mailing lists about Alice. The announce list covers announcements regarding releases of the Alice programming system and related documentation, tools, and libraries. The users' list is intended for questions, comments, and discussions regarding the Alice ML language and the Alice programming system. Announcements are also sent to this list, so you need not subscribe to both.

You can send messages to the lists by mailing to

Please do not send bug reports to the mailing list. Instead, submit them to the bug tracking system.


To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the respective mailing list, go to:


The mailing lists are archived on-line:

Mozart-related news

You may also be interested in subscribing to the mailing lists on Mozart, or read them as newsgroups. For more information, see the contact page on the Mozart site.

________ Wiki ________________________________________________________

To provide users with a more persistent way to collect and make available information or miscellaneous material to other Alice users we have opened the Alice Wiki.

A Wiki is collaborative hypertext environment that anybody can access and modify in a very easy way. You will find more information on the Wiki page itself.

________ Bug reports _________________________________________________

If you discover bugs in the Alice system, please report them to the bug tracking system. If we can reproduce them, we will try to fix them as soon as possible.

If possible, check whether bugs have already been recorded in the database before submitting. Please also check whether it is a known limitation of the current release.

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