Verb Prefixes And Marks

In German, the same base verb can be modified by many possible verb prefixes, e.g. ``einkaufen'', ``abkaufen'', ``auskaufen'', etc. In order to get good propagation, we also need to encode the set of possible verb prefixes. Here we only consider ``ein'', but you could add as many as you want. The treatment of separable verb prefixes is an extension to the constraint model we presented earlier, but it is fairly straightforward.

<Entry exports>= << >>

<Entry domain products>= << >>
Vprefixes = {New Encode.domainProduct init([[ein]])}

Here are other aspects of verbs which we have not considered earlier: (1) a verb may require either ``haben'' or ``sein'' as an auxiliary. (2) a separable verb prefix is not always separated (e.g. ``einkaufen''). (3) the zu particle is not always separated from the verb (e.g. ``einzukaufen''). In order to be able to represent these details in the lexicon, we introduce a domain of marks:

<Entry exports>= << >>

<Entry domain products>= <<
Marks = {New Encode.domainProduct init([[zu vpref haben sein]])}

Denys Duchier
Version 1.2.0 (20010221)