Jonas Kaiser

Saarland University Computer Science
Jonas Kaiser

Hi, I am a former member of the Graduate School of Computer Science and the Programming Systems Lab.

I am currently working as a Software Engineer and Cloud Architect for the Mobility Analytics and Consulting team at ioki. ioki is subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and based in Frankfurt am Main.

Prior to my current position I studied the various ways syntax with binders can be handled in proof assistants. I focused on System F as an object logic that has sufficiently interesting binding mechanisms and developed a de Bruijn based equivalence proof (PTS vs two-sorted) in Coq. I subsequently transported the result into a HOAS setting with the proof assistants Abella and Beluga. For details see my dissertation page.

I received my BA from the University of Cambridge in 2010 and an M.Sc. from Saarland University in 2013.

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