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Bachelor Theses, Programming Systems Lab, Prof. Gert Smolka

If you are interested in a topic for a thesis, please contact Prof. Smolka or a researcher of the Lab whose work you find interesting.

As part of your thesis work, you will participate in our Graduate Seminar. You will give two talks in your seminar phase and one final talk after submitting your thesis. The first and second talk are 15 minutes each, the final talk is 20 minutes, always plus discussion time.

When you start your thesis work, your advisor will provide you with a problem specification (1 page). You will maintain a web page devoted to your thesis work. The problem specification, the thesis and related software and documentation will be made available through this page (see examples below).

Thesis Projects in Progress

Matthias Höschele, 2008,
Towards a Semiautomatic Higher-Order Tableau Prover (Advisors: Brown, Smolka)

Sigurd Schneider, 2008,
Terminating Tableaux for PDL (Advisors: Kaminski, Smolka)

Thesis Projects Completed

Julian Backes, 2008,
A database of higher-order problems (Advisor: Brown)

Xin Zhang, 2007-2008,
An M-Set Model of Higher Order Abstract Syntax (Advisor: Brown)

Raphael Reischuk, 2008,
Reconciling Copying and Trailing for Constraint Programming Systems (Advisor: Tack) (won FdSI Bachelor Award)

Esfandiar Mohammadi, 2007,
On the Category of Stratified Coherence Spaces (Advisor: Schwinghammer)

Jochen Setz, 2007,
A Principle Compiler for Extensible Dependency Grammar (Advisor: Debusmann)

Christian Doczkal, 2007,
Proof-theoretic Aspects of Call-by-push-value Calculus (Advisor: Schwinghammer) (won FdSI Bachelor Award)

Dieter Brunotte, 2006,
Subtyping and Computational Monads (Advisor: Schwinghammer)

Andi Scharfstein, 2006,
A Sandboxing Infrastructure for Alice ML (Advisor: Rossberg)

Georg Neis, 2006,
A Semantics for Lazy Types (Advisor: Rossberg)

Moritz Hardt, 2006,
Hybrid Logic Revisited (Advisor: Smolka)

Dominik Brill, 2006,
Constraint Programming in Alice. A Tutorial. (Advisor: Tack)

Patrick Pekczynski, 2005,
Implementation and Evaluation of Advanced Propagation Algorithms for Global Constraints (Advisor: Tack)

Simon Georg Pinkel, 2004,
Alice Server Pages (Advisor: Tack)

Niko Paltzer, 2005,
Efficient Representation of Dynamic Types. (Advisor: Rossberg)

Christian Hümbert, 2005,
A Proof Assistant for Higher-order Predicate Logic (Advisor: Smolka)

Mark Kaminski, 2005,
Studies in Higher-order Equational Logic (Advisor: Smolka)

Matthias Berg, 2004,
Polymorphic Lambda Calculus with Dynamic Types (Advisors: Smolka, Tack)

Marvan Odeh, 2004,
Modellierung natürlicher Sprachen mit Hilfe von TDG (Topologische Dependenzgrammatik) (Advisor: Debusmann)

Christian Müller, 2004,
Interpreter für getypte Lambda-Kalküle (Advisors: Tack, Smolka)

Mathias Möhl, 2004,
Modelling Natural Language with Topological Dependency Grammar (Advisor: Debusmann)

Robert Grabowski, 2003,
Eine GTK-Schnittstelle für Alice (Advisors: Brunklaus, Rossberg)

Bernadette Blum and Marvin Schiller, 2003,
Ein Browser für Alice (Advisor: Brunklaus, Rossberg)

Jens Regenberg, 2003,
Ein Debugger für die Alice VM (Advisors: Brunklaus, Kornstaedt)

Matthias Horbach and Sven Woop, 2002,
Effiziente Datenstrukturen für Lambda-Bäume (Advisor: Smolka)

Dainius Ramanauskas, 2002,
Bibliothekssystem der Computerlinguistik (Advisor: Schulte)

Guido Tack, 2002,
Integrated Oz Search Factory (Advisor: Schulte)

Jan Schwinghammer, 2002,
Jacke: A Parser-Generator Tool for Standard ML (Advisors: Kornstaedt, Rossberg)

Marco Kuhlmann, 2001,
Tiny Constraint Modelling Language (Advisor: Schulte)

Martin Homik, 1999,
JOz: Grafisches Java-Oz Frontend (Advisor: Schulte)

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