Programming Systems Lab: Publications by Jonas Kaiser

Saarland University Computer Science

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Autosubst 2: Towards Reasoning with Multi-Sorted de Bruijn Terms and Vector Substitutions   (pdf)
Jonas Kaiser, Steven Schäfer, Kathrin Stark

Relating System F and λ2: A Case Study in Coq, Abella and Beluga   (pdf)
Jonas Kaiser, Brigitte Pientka, Gert Smolka
Proceedings of FSCD 2017

Equivalence of System F and λ2 in Abella   (pdf)
Jonas Kaiser, Gert Smolka
Workshop Presentation at TTT 2017, Paris

Equivalence of System F and λ2 in Coq Based on Context Morphism Lemmas   (pdf)
Jonas Kaiser, Tobias Tebbi, Gert Smolka
Proceedings of CPP 2017


Formal Costruction of a Set Theory in Coq   (pdf)
Jonas Kaiser
Master's Thesis, Programming Systems Lab, Saarland University


Reconsidering Lucid - a modern approach   (pdf)
Jonas Kaiser
B.A. Dissertation, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Bachelors Thesis

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