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Seminar WS-02

Types and Programming Languages

Seminar im Wintersemester 2002/2003

Prof. Gert Smolka, Dr. Joachim Niehren, Andreas Rossberg
Lehrstuhl für Programmiersysteme, FR Informatik, Universität des Saarlandes

A type system is a syntactic method for enforcing levels of abstraction in programs. The study of type systems--and of programming languages from a type-theoretic perspective--has important applications in software engineering, language design, high-performance compilers, and security.

This seminar will be based on the recent book Types and Programming Languages by Benjamin C. Pierce (table of contents). We intend to cover simple type systems, subtyping, recursive types and universal and existential polymorphism.


The requirements are:

Talks and abstract may be given in German or English.

Slides should be presented to the respective advisor 2 weeks before the talk.

Participants and Schedule

Talks will be given during March 5th to 7th, 2003.

Schedule Speaker Title Chapter Advisor Slides Abstract
03/05 10.15h Thomas Wies Subtyping 15-18 Gert Smolka PDF PDF
03/05 11.45h Marco Kuhlmann Recursive types 20-21 Gert Smolka PDF PDF
03/06 09.15h Sven Woop Type reconstruction   22 Gert Smolka PDF, PPT   PDF
03/06 10.45h Matthias Horbach Universal types 23 Andreas Rossberg PPT PS
03/07 09.15h Ralph Debusmann   Existential types 24 Andreas Rossberg PDF
03/07 10.45h  Sebastian Miele   Higher-order types 29-30 Andreas Rossberg   PS PS

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